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Keylogger - Use a keylogger to hack a facebook account easily

What is a keylogger?

A keylogger is a small software for Windows PC. The keylogger is used to record keystrokes pressed on a keyboard in order to input something to the computer. The hackers can then use this information to Hack a facebook account For example. if you are writing an essay on Microsoft Word and a keylogger is running on your system, the keylogger will record every key you have pressed and therefore will have all the information you have typed.

Keylogger to hack facebook

Now, lets suppose you are logging in to your facebook account on a PC. You need to enter your username and password for that. If a keylogger device is running, it will know what you have typed using your keyboard and can lead to your account getting hacked. So, keyloggers are one of the most used basic tools for facebook and other social media hacking.

The keyloggers designed for hacking purposes are usually hidden or disguised as system file running in Processes. Whenever you type something, the keylogger records it and send it to an email which hackers have preentered on the keylogger. The hacker can then use the sensitive informaion you have entered using your keyboard such as passwords to hack your accounts. Unless you are using an antivirus software, it can be fairly difficult to spot a keylogging software on your PC if you are non-tech guy. The keyloggers used for hacking are desigend to stay hidden and even when they get caught, the usually self destruct in order to keep the information on the hacker safe.

The keylogger is generally never installed without your permission. So it is usually the fault of user. For example the user installs some unknown software disguised as another software. Or any relative or friend who has access to your computer can easily install the software on your PC and can constantly see what you type using your keyboard. Another common practice is installing the keyloggers on a public computer. A single hacker can hack a lot of different accounts belonging to unrelated people and not only of facebook but also their gmail, instagram, twitter and other accounts. As the public computers are poorly protected and anyone can install anything on it. It is easy to install a keylogger on them.

How to protect yourself against keylogger?

Install a legit antivirus software. Constantly update your Windows security. Do not install malicious softwares or softwares from untrusted developers. Do not click on harmful links on the internet. Use adblocker on the internet.

If you want to find out whether a keylogger is running on your system, you have to have some knowledge of computers and windows. Open the task manager and go to processes tab. Among the list of processes, you have to identify a process, the username of which is same as your username and the image name is something which you are unfamilier with or which has no use running. And when you type something, the CPU usage and CPU time on the image increases.

What kind of Keylogger you need to hack a facebook account?

The best keyloggers include many functions which can keep the identity of the hacker secure and safe. This include a keylogger which is not easily detected by cheap antivirus softwares, which can self destruct, which can send the keylogged files to hacker in the form of an encrypted email, starts with windows, does not give any error in case of failure, has many settings which you can change remotely and is well hidden from the plain sight. All these functions make a keylogger ideal for hacking purpose.